Darin remembers growing his first mushrooms more than 20 years ago, and the process has always fascinated him.  Darin and Deb have completed intensive training on the techniques and technologies of gourmet and medicinal mushroom cultivation with Paul Stamets in the U.S., one of the top mycologists in the world. They have also received training from one of the biggest commercial mushroom growers in the Southern U.S.


We’re happy to host field trip tours for area students, K-12. Join us for your next science lesson and explore the growth process of a wood decomposing mushroom! Learn all about inoculation, mycelium, the various growth stages of our edible mushrooms, and more. Contact us for more information.  

For at home exploration and endless hours of fun, pick up one of our kits in the Blue Oyster or Lion’s Mane varieties. Easier than caring for a cactus; there’s no need for a green thumb here. Download our mushroom kit instructions or buy a kit today. <- don’t forget link


With 12+ years experience in market growing, vegetable production, hydroponic greenhouse construction and management, and over 5 years in mushroom cultivation, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.